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Apocalypse - Camille Flammarion I'm beginning to look on the bright side of unemployment. For starters, I get to go to the library whenever I want and spend lots of time looking at books with pretty pictures. I also get to review those books, even when the pictures inside turn out to be disturbing interpretations of the apocalypse, the deluge, or simply creepy stuff with demons and skeletons in the corners. (I love you Dali, but your stuff gives me the chills)So yeah, this is a book about the apocalypse. There’s some interesting stuff inside about eclipses, comets, diseases and famine, but honestly, I spent most of the time fascinated and horrified by the art work. Good thing I don’t believe in hell, otherwise I would live paralyzed with fear of spending the rest of eternity being cooked and eaten by two-headed demons.