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Sharp Objects: A Novel

Sharp Objects - Gillian Flynn As much as I loved reading this book, after I finished it I just had to spend the next couple of hours watching Discovery Kids. It left me feeling both dirty and refreshed, (which is something no book had ever done) and for that I dearly thank the author. It’s nice to know there are women out there writing good thrillers that explore the many ways women hurt themselves and each other, without making anybody cry (although I kind of wanted to, just because some of the things that are discussed here felt a little bit too real) or giving us a pretty little ending with a silver bow on top. If you want a quick read that will make you want to spend the next afternoon in a bathtub scrubbing yourself until your skin is red and raw, then this is the book for you. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for something sweet and uplifting, please pick up something else. And if you’re in that mental place where hurting yourself is starting to sound like a good idea, or if you’re already doing so but want to stop, then definitely stay the hell away from “Sharp Objects” (both the book and the real thing), and join me watching “Dora the Explorer” or whatever it is little kids are watching these days.