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Batman Gothic (Batman Beyond (DC Comics))

Batman: Gothic - Klaus Janson, Grant Morrison I have mixed feelings about this comic. It's not bad, and I have a very high opinion of Morrison, but I'm not a big fan of the "Batman meets the supernatural" stories when there are still so many cool psychopaths and gangsters to beat. (except with the Batman-Dracula trylogy; that was amazing!)"Gothic" starts with the selective death of a bunch of Gotham criminals at the hands of "Mr. Whisper". At the same time Batman is dealing with a recurrent nightmare, and with hellish memories from his childhood school, both of which he believes have something to do with the man that is frightening the worst criminals in Gotham. There's a Freddy Krueger feel to this comic that I liked at the beginning, and the story of the Austrian Monastery is intriguing (and was very well drawn), but the whole comic felt like 2 different plots stucked together with chewing gum. The massacre we witness in the first issues is downplayed as a hobby in the last part and the religious context is not something that I care much for in a Batman comic. That's why I gave it 3 stars, and moved on to read something better. :)