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The Princess Bride (Ballantine Reader's Circle)

The Princess Bride - William Goldman If I had read this book 10 or 13 years ago, I would've loved it. It has everything I was looking for back then: sword fights, animals, a handsome hero, a beautiful leading lady, miracle men, pirates... Instead, I got to read it now, and while I'm no longer swayed by promises of true love (specially when they stand solely on good looks), the style of this book and the way that Goldman mocks the genre are very refreshing. I would've wished to feel more for the characters though, Buttercup had potential but she settled for the role of damsel in distress, and Westley... well, I liked him at first, but he couldn't think of anything besides Buttercup's beauty when he's asked about his "true love", and even after faking his own death he's only too happy to slap her for moving on. That's not hero material in my book, but in his defense, it kept me reading. As for the other characters... my favorites were Inigo and Fezzik. I liked their background stories, and Fezzik was adorable, making me care about an ending that otherwise I wouldn't have bother to read.I also wanted to add that, unlike many, I liked the frequent interruptions of the author. They were witty and took me away from some very boring parts, but unfortunately weren't enough to ensure a future visit to this particular tale. (or to make me look for the movie that many reviewers praise so much.)