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Arkham Asylum Anniversary Ed SC (Batman)

Batman: Arkham Asylum - A Serious House on Serious Earth - Grant Morrison, Dave McKean I absolutely love the art in this. I hadn't seen the work of Dave McKean before, and I found it mind blowing. It's dark, terrifying, and the inmates were everything I ever wanted them to be. (This rendition of the Joker will haunt my dreams for a loooong time) The one thing that made me take one star from Arkham Asylum was the way that Morrison presented Batman at times: When has Batman ever justified murder? When he brushes off Dr. Ruth's concerns about ending the life of Cavendish I felt that I wasn't in a Batman comic anymore. He's very out of character here, and for the most part I admit that it works but sometimes it feels... off. I'm also not sure that I liked the ending, with the friendly good-bye between the Joker and Batman, and Two-Face saving his life (and shitting himself at the start of the story). But still, it left me a good feeling. I definitely will have to revisit this one and, like other reviewers, play Batman: Arkham Asylum again.