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Animal Farm: Centennial Edition

Animal Farm: Centennial Edition - Terrific book. It's the ultimate story of how the more things change, the more they stay the same. Revolutions are fueled and ruined by greed, ignorance, fear, lazyness, and other human traits that will forever stain our attempts to erradicate poverty and inequality. I believe that the success of this book lies in the use of animals as characters. Seeing our own brutalities through the eyes of beings so different from us manages to disturb us deeper than anything else, specially when it's being done to a piece of history that has been endlessly trivialized by the media. Like in "Maus" (another great book), we are forced to face the parts of our nature that we try so hard to hide, and it helps us to understand that something big has to change in the core of every human before we can begin to see the slightest change in our society.