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It - I watched the movie when I was 8 or 9, and to this day I can't see Pennywise (or any other sinister looking clown) without getting an anxiety attack. As soon as I got hold of the book I read it, and instead of making me better, it made my fear episodes worse.Pennywise, or IT, can turn into whatever you fear the most. It prefers little kids, but in my damaged mind I figured that it wouldn't pass the opportunity to visit a teenager with a hyper active imagination. The way King narrates the story drew me into the live of the seven kids that had to deal with and eventually kill the monster, painting vivid pictures (The hobo underneath the abandoned house, the voice coming out of the sink) that to this day stay with me and make me fear any little noise that comes from the bathroom at night. Anyway. I really recommend this book to any person wanting to read a horror story with well developed characters, a fantastic plot, or to anyone with a growing desire to be traumatized by a clown from hell.